Congress Merge is an online site that can give you the information you need to be a good citizen. It includes the law and how it is applied in society. We aim to create a civilized society where law and rules should be the top priority. To know more about us, below are several frequently asked questions from our readers. 

Who We Are 

We are a group of people who like the idea of regularity, rights, law, and regulations, making us work hard to achieve an ideal condition that we refer to as a civilized community where its members have the right to be protected by the law. One effective way to do so is to give them a platform where they can access information about the law. 

Our Readers 

Our readers come from different background. From students to general people who need to know things about the law, our contents can reach as many readers as possible. Lawyers and those working in the field are also welcomed at our site.